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E-Waste Recycling

E-waste recycling is a growing concern in today’s economic and ecological environment. Certain components of some electronic products contain materials that may render them hazardous, depending on circumstances concerning their condition.

It includes but is not limited to a growing range of electronic devices, including desktops, laptops, servers, printers and other office equipment.

Because computer processing power doubles roughly every two years, many old computers are being abandoned. Only 15% recycle their computers, which means the other 85% end up in landfills.

Each year e-waste grows 300 percent faster than other forms of waste. We offer a solution to help correct this. It’s energy efficient to rebuild old computers, but only about 2% of PCs ever find their way to a second user. We can help your old I.T. assets end up in the hands of people that can use them, rather than ending up in a landfill.

By refurbishing these items and offering them at a lower cost, schools, businesses, charitable organizations, and the average home user can all benefit from our service!

E-Waste Recycling

Computer Liquidation

Dealing with older technology can be more costly than many companies realize. For each piece of new equipment that you deploy, there is likely to be one or more PC’s, printers, and monitors that need to be retired as well. Managing asset retirement can be a complex challenge, requiring multiple vendors to handle removal, sorting, packing, inventory, data destruction, logistics, and recycling.

BTG Asset Management purchases liquidated and retired I.T. hardware from all types of businesses and organizations. We focus on customer service and competitive pricing. We provide capital in return for decommissioned IT hardware while ensuring the proper recycling of any material that cannot be reused.

We make asset liquidation simple and easy. We literally provide a one-stop solution to your full range of asset retirement needs. We do ALL the work! We can pick up and dispose of all of your unwanted electronic equipment while safeguarding sensitive data, and ensuring information privacy and security.

We can be reached by calling us at 859-727-4300, by email, or simply complete our quick form and a BTG Specialist will promptly respond to you. You are welcome to include your own spreadsheet of your surplus inventory or fill out ours to help expedite the computer liquidation process.

Computer Liquidation

Data Destruction

BTG Asset Management provides secure data sanitization and destruction services. Our procedures ensure the elimination of sensitive data from a wide range of equipment including hard drives, servers, printers, copiers, and networking equipment.

Also, we can safeguard against attempts of reuse or data recovery by completely destroying integrated circuits, RAM, tapes, disks and other media to prevent the recovery of proprietary parts, equipment, designs or other material.

We protect the identity and integrity of our clients by removing all company identifiers on retired equipment including asset tags, embedded security devices, corporate branding and market labeling.

We also offer on-site data destruction which can help reduce the workload for your I.T. staff while ensuring security and accountability at your site. Your systems data will never leave your premises.

BTG Asset Management can supply clients with serialized reports, identifying each individual system, the sanitization or destruction date, and confirmation the service was rendered and complete.

We work hard to protect your sensitive data and intellectual property.

Data Destruction

Logistics Made Easy

We make logistics easy! BTG Asset Management offers a complete logistics solution. Better yet, there is no charge for these services. We will come to your office, uninstall your equipment if necessary, pack it, load it, and ship it….for free! We can provide all the logistics you need when conducting a large or small hardware or systems replacement.

Our professional transportation services are operated in house. We have drivers on staff and own and operate our own trucks to make sure your assets never leave our possession until data destruction is complete. This provides greater security and a level of care not always seen in third party shipping providers. By operating our own shipping service we can provide a more cost-effective solution enabling us to add value to our customer’s assets. Simply put, you get more for your assets.

Just give us a call to schedule the pick-up and we will work with your team to uninstall, pack, load and ship.

We assume all the responsibility in handling and shipping your assets so you don’t have to worry about loss to damage or mishandling.

Let us make logistics easy for you!



Remarketing adds value! BTG Asset Management can help companies and organizations reclaim the maximum value from re-sellable equipment by identifying the right channels for their repurposed equipment. This includes end-user, reseller or wholesale markets. We work aggressively and ethically to protect our clients’ interests.

We work directly with a Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher, 1 of only 22 in the entire United States. Through the Microsoft® Authorized Refurbisher program, we can reload PCs, and laptops and with genuine Windows® software, enabling us to provide more secondary market value for our customers. This means you get more for your assets.

Our remarketing professionals can assist with developing additional value-generating solutions for clients as well, including reducing new equipment purchases by re-purposing and redeploying technology internally, organizing special pricing employee sales or the charitable donation of reusable assets to a chosen organization or school.

Just ask our professionals for assistance and we will be happy to help!


Industries Served

We take great pride in servicing a wide spectrum of businesses and organizations. We also know that different types of clients need different types of services.

Whether you are a small, medium or large business, your need for technology can change quickly, requiring you to keep pace with the growing demands of your business. We help businesses properly recycle their old or aging equipment, recover its value, and securely destroy sensitive data and intellectual property on hard drives. This provides working capital that can be re-invested in your company.

Today's educational institutions face incredible financial pressure concerning operating budgets. They need to meet these budgets while offering technology solutions to their students. Some schools fall behind, while others are being creative in how they meet their budgetary and technological needs.

We know educational institutions operate on tight resources. To help you meet your IT budget and needs, we offer Microsoft® Authorized Refurbisher off-lease and used laptops and desktops at a significant cost savings over new equipment. Please contact us for more information.

We understand the unique challenges you face as a public sector organization. Government agencies face unique challenges when disposing of I.T. assets. Large amounts of confidential and sensitive data is nothing to be taken lightly. We can help government agencies liquidate their assets in a cost-effective, safe, and responsible manner.

We understand the strict requirements placed on healthcare. And we know you must adhere to strict data privacy laws such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). When it comes time to change your technology, you need a company that will work with you and that you can rely on to take data security as seriously as you do. We will work with you to ensure that when you dispose of your old technology, the right processes and procedures are adhered to, including proper hard drive data sanitization and destruction techniques.

On-site data sanitation and destruction adds a crucial layer of verification and ensures peace-of-mind.

As a financial services business, you know the importance and value of your data. You also know how destructive it could be if that data should be compromised. Information security and tight control of assets is crucial to ongoing profitability and success. Equally important is your strict adherence to the many data protection requirements. We can help provide a safe, reliable solution while providing the capital you need to keep moving forward.

In leasing, your business revolves around the growing and ever-changing supply and demand of I.T. resources. We can help you regulate your inventory while returning value for your assets. As your technology inventory ages, you need a trusted partner who can help you reclaim remaining value through recycling and reselling.

As a Microsoft® Authorized Refurbisher, we can refurbish your equipment with legally licensed software to help you realize maximum remaining value.

Industries Served